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Don’t Move and Trust Me

HighwayAs I was driving to the church this morning, down 85, one of the things that I do in my prayer time with God in the morning, is asking Him to order my day, direct my day and give me wisdom to make right decisions, lead effectively, just to have the greatest impact in my day, that is possible. With that being said, there are many things within my personal life and our ministry that we are nothing short of needing God to work out, provide, etc.. As the leader of my home and as the leader of the ministry, the one thing that I don’t want to do is limit the blessings and the flow of God, in either entity, based on anything in my life that may be out of order, that I need to improve, shift my thinking in, etc.. So I began to ask God, “what do I need to do? What needs to change in me? Where am I falling short, by maybe limiting Your outpouring in our lives?”

As I got about 2 miles down 85, I established myself in the center lane and set my cruise control 1 mph under the speed limit and just begin to ride, listen to the music in the background and listen for God to answer me. There were cars going by me left and right, even though I was doing the speed limit. After a short time, a car came right up behind me, riding on my tailgate, flashing their lights at me to get over and out-of-the-way. And it was in that moment that God began to speak to me and answer the question that I had just before asked. He said, “Be still and stay your course; keep moving in the direction that you’re moving, remain within My order, within My limits, and continue to trust Me. Don’t be influenced, or pressured by what’s going on around you, what’s in front of you, and what’s pressing behind you. Just keep moving forward, staying committed to My principles, and trust Me.”

There is nothing more secure and assured than operating in God’s order and in the trust of His wisdom, His leading, His timing and the big one that gets us all, His provision. There are many factors of life, many circumstances, many scenarios, and so many people around you, that will either directly attempt to influence you to move outside of God’s boundaries or ahead of God’s timing, when we just need to be committed to doing it the right way. There are many around you that will indirectly influence you because you will see them moving ahead of you and around you and doing it at a faster pace, seemingly making progress and advancement in life ahead of you; obtaining things quicker than you’re getting them, accomplishing more than what you seem to be accomplishing, but they’re doing it out of God’s order and outside of His boundaries. Do not be urged and influenced by anything or anyone that is moving out of God’s order or attempting to move you out of God’s order. Sometimes you don’t have to know more, you just have to do right by what you do know and it will lead to more.
I was driving towards my destination, making progress, doing it well within the boundaries of the law and those around me were trying to influence me emotionally to shift from that path. And it was in this moment, in a small, practical scenario on Interstate 85, that God chose to encourage me in life and leadership, today. Don’t move and trust Me.
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Not Sure How To Pray? Simple Guidelines For Prayer

Many of us through the years have taught or been taught that the best way to pray when we’re not sure how, is to just “talk to God like you would anyone else, and just tell Him what’s on your heart!”  I’ve been guilty of this at some point, I know and while telling God what’s on our heart isn’t wrong, it’s not what’s effective. The Bible teaches us that He knows our thoughts, needs, and desires before we even speak, so why just tell Him what’s on our heart?

Prayer is the most effective and forceful tool a Kingdom citizen has, when used effectively. Jesus, modeled this in the sense that He often prayed for hours and performed powerful miracles in minutes. Why just tell God what’s on your heart, when you can be effective and powerful with your prayers?

I’m going to share just a few guidelines for how to pray. The measure that it’s proof positive can be found in Matthew 6:9-13.

  1. Recognize the Source (Abba; Father); you are approaching the Source for all your answers; all your needs; Recognize He’s your all in all.
  2. Worship Him; Adore Him; Magnify Him; Exalt Him; Glorify Him
  3. Be committed to God’s Kingdom and what He wants to accomplish; ask God to fulfill his desires before your own.
  4. Minister to others’ needs. Pray for others. Ask God to protect and bless what’s needed for every part of the process of daily living, for others, as well as, for you.
  5. Consider those you’re in relationship with. Forgive. Don’t allow the sun to set on your anger. Repair broken relationships. When you forgive, you open the endless possibilities for your prayers to be answered.
  6. Ask for wisdom that you don’t put yourself in situations to compromise your relationship with God.
  7. Worship again; give thanks, with confidence, that your prayers will be answered, giving God all the glory.


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