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Look At Where We Get To Call Home!

Anderson MallThis blog is one of announcement and excitement, not instruction or leadership. 
Where We’ll Be
After several months of planning, praying, proposing, we can now put a face to the name of Rejuvenate Church. We are excited to announce that RC will make it’s home inside of the Anderson Mall! We are proud to call such a central place in the Anderson area, our home. We will be located in Suite G04, which is directly across from Books-A-Million inside the mall and right outside JCPenney. It can be easily accessed in 3 ways: 1. As you enter the main entrance of the mall and make your first right, down the JCPenney wing, we are the last property on the left before heading down the ramp/stairs and into JCPenney. 2. You can enter through Books-A-Million, walk through the store into the mall and we are directly across the way.  3. You can park in the lot in the rear of the mall between Belk & JCPenney and enter through the rear entrance of the mall next to Penney’s. 
A Little Of The Why
Partnering with Anderson Mall creates such a dynamic opportunity for us. We get a chance to connect and touch people everyday. The heart of Rejuvenate Church is to create a culture of ultimate diversity; we believe that RC is the bridge that connects divides. The Kingdom is undivided; we wish to mirror that image. There are very few places that everyone visits, regardless of age, race and socioeconomic status. That mall is that place. This creates an opportunity for us to engage our community and it’s culture, and find ways, through everyday connection, to unify that divide. We want to leave a thumbprint on the Anderson area; we do not want a week to go by that our community does not know that we’re here. Being inside Anderson Mall, puts us light years ahead in that pursuit, already. We’re not convincing people to come to our church; they’re coming to our church to buy their jeans and we get to love them while they do it. We also seek to create a presence in the life of business culture and it’s leaders in Anderson. We believe as being a part of both the Anderson Area Chamber and an integral part of Anderson Mall, we have a great head start. As so many look for ways to do outreach in a community, we’re already there and we’re so excited to invest in the lives of our community, each and every day.
How You Can Help
First and foremost, the most effective thing anyone can do is pray. Your prayers for our vision and the journey to develop that vision, mean everything to us.
Because we are occupying a former retail establishment, there are certainly many things that need to be done to utilize it for ministry. What is so cool, is how God created an opportunity for this place and it is already so layed out to meet the needs of a church, but there is still some renovations that need to take place. Along with the necessary cosmetic changes that need to take place, we now also must furnish the facility with it’s ministry tools, resources,  and equipment; everything from toilet paper to sound and video equipment. This process begins now. If you would like to deposit a seed into the life of this ministry, there are 3 ways we can immediately use your help. 
  1. We have many labor needs for those able to do painting, carpentry, and electrical work.
  2. Resource Donations: Anything from building materials, to office supplies, children’s toys and furnishings, business or lounge furniture, etc. We have lists. Just ask.
  3. If you’re not able to give of your time or make resource donations, we ask you to consider contributing financially to our launch budget. That can be done 2 ways. A: We accept checks made out to Rejuvenate Church or cash and can be mailed to PO Box 51621, Piedmont, SC 29673. B: You can give very securely by debit or credit card through the online giving feature of our website, found here. 
All contributions are 100% tax deductible and will be used to push the dream of Rejuvenate Church. 
If you are interested in helping in some way, please contact us by phone at 864-634-8264 or click here to send us a message through our contact page.
It Starts Now
Beginning the week of September 23, all activities and offices will be moved to the new location; this includes all ongoing Fellowship Groups, intercessory prayer, launch meetings, etc., as well as, all labor and construction that will be taking place over the next period of weeks.
Thank You!
We are so grateful for the many of you that have prayed for us, supported us with your words of faith and encouragement and all that have contributed financially to the DREAM! RC would not be at the landmark moment that it’s at now without you. We celebrate God’s blessings, our new home, and your partnership. There’s work to be done!
Pictures of some of the inside of our property can be viewed below. If you have questions or would like more information regarding Rejuvenate Church, please visit us on our website at RejuvenateChurch.com. You can also get latest information from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
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Burdens Release Your Blessings

As I was leaving the hospital two nights ago, after making a few hospital visits, I was walking out the exit & down the sidewalk towards my car when among everybody around, God laid my eyes on a woman sitting on a park bench along the sidewalk.  As I spotted her, He began to burden my spirit for her & whatever it was she may be going through.  He challenged me to approach her, ask her if there was something I could pray for her about & make sure she knew the Lord, but I walked past her. 

It’s amazing when you do that, how loud God’s voice becomes in your spirit.  I got halfway to my car past her & I could literally move no further.  I walked back to near where she was, acted like I was looking for somebody and playing with my phone and then turned around started towards my car again, only to come the very same place I had been brick-walled before and it happened to me again. I felt like my feet were shackled to the cement and I could move no further.  I finally got my junk together and returned to the woman and proceeded to fulfill the burden that God laid on my heart.  As I approached her and began to speak with her, one thing began another into the process of what God was trying to work. 

She seemed shocked at first and then I could literally see her wall crumble as she began to tell me that her daughter had been in a bad car accident and had gone through another surgery just hours before and lay in a hospital bed, at 28 years old, with her life at the mercy of God.  She was obviously scared, worried, sad and I’m sure had “why” written all over her mind, but as I began to talk with her and she talked with me, I could see that she was able to escape all that was in her mind and know that somebody cared enough to be obedient to God, so that God could comfort her in the place she was hurting, in the middle of her hurt, at the place of her hurt and awaken her to the fact that He would wipe away her hurt. 

Before I ever spoke with her, person after person walked by, and she sat alone and hurting.  But more than person after person walking by, what really was passing at each person’s past, was opportunity.  Not just opportunity for this lady’s life to be changed or comforted, but opportunity for each of their lives to be changed too.  What I had the chance to operate in, and something that I advocate very much, was marketplace ministry.  Ministry in it’s most pure form, the way it was intended and the way Christ did it, but the one way that we rarely take the opportunity to function in. 

I know God leading me to this woman made a difference to her and I know that God will heal her daughter, because I trust God, I trust my prayers & I trust that He led me to her, but more than that it opened a door for God to work in my life.  Obedience is like the trigger to God’s gun.  When I made the decision to obey, it opened up a realm for God to move in my life.  See God was already at work in this lady’s life, He was just waiting on the obedience from someone that would be the funnel for getting the information to her.  Had He not already been at work in her situation, He would have never burdened my spirit to approach her. 

So the outcome of my burden was not her blessing, her’s was already accomplished, but it was a catalyst for my own.  God knew I had needs in my own life, but He was waiting for me to get my mind off of my needs & ministering to someone else’s.  When I did, it moved me out of His way in my own life. 

We often fret over burdens.  Being burdened in our perspective is like being weighted down, shackled (as I felt when I walked past her), but in the Kingdom, burdens make room for your blessings.  The moment I obeyed, the burden was lifted, because the result was placed back on God and it kickstarted my blessings. 

God opened my eyes to this principle on Monday night and gave me a little more Kingdom education.  My challenge to you is don’t view burdens as frustrations or God putting more on you, it’s really God looking to bless you.  Answer the call quickly and you’ll find that the burden is lighter and your blessings will be heavier!

Be blessed!

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