My Quick Thought That’s Too Long For Social Media Platforms..

Just a quick note; not even really length worthy to be deemed a “blog,” but sometimes I get a little too long worded for 140 characters of Twitter, so I move to the freedoms of WordPress.

I was reading in 1 Corinthians, chapter 4 verse 1, to be exact, and a portion of this verse really jumped out at me.  “Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.”

Stewards of the mysteries of God….

It’s such a shame for us to have access into something so powerful and priceless as the mysteries of God and do one of two things; fail to take care, embrace and implement the revelations we’ve been given and/or fail to realize the stockpile of revelation that’s waiting, available to us, that we never care to pursue God for.  God’s revelations, mysteries, are not just for us to have a little better understanding of life, a better historical perspective of the Bible or a better understanding of the point God wants to make, they are keys to the Kingdom.  Each bit of information that God entrusts you with, are strategic nuggets for you to make your environment look more like His.

You are an agent of change. You may not realize it and you may not embrace it, but God has created and placed you, strategically, to be an agent of change; changing the perfect world that was corrupted and weakened, back into the created environment that He originally intended. This is an impossible task without pursuing God and grabbing onto His mysteries.

Don’t waste what you have VIP access to.  It’s a Biblical fact that God will bless and create opportunities for those that are good stewards.  Stop to listen to God, look for where God’s working, moving and if you’re having trouble hearing or seeing…get closer.

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