Not Sure How To Pray? Simple Guidelines For Prayer

Many of us through the years have taught or been taught that the best way to pray when we’re not sure how, is to just “talk to God like you would anyone else, and just tell Him what’s on your heart!”  I’ve been guilty of this at some point, I know and while telling God what’s on our heart isn’t wrong, it’s not what’s effective. The Bible teaches us that He knows our thoughts, needs, and desires before we even speak, so why just tell Him what’s on our heart?

Prayer is the most effective and forceful tool a Kingdom citizen has, when used effectively. Jesus, modeled this in the sense that He often prayed for hours and performed powerful miracles in minutes. Why just tell God what’s on your heart, when you can be effective and powerful with your prayers?

I’m going to share just a few guidelines for how to pray. The measure that it’s proof positive can be found in Matthew 6:9-13.

  1. Recognize the Source (Abba; Father); you are approaching the Source for all your answers; all your needs; Recognize He’s your all in all.
  2. Worship Him; Adore Him; Magnify Him; Exalt Him; Glorify Him
  3. Be committed to God’s Kingdom and what He wants to accomplish; ask God to fulfill his desires before your own.
  4. Minister to others’ needs. Pray for others. Ask God to protect and bless what’s needed for every part of the process of daily living, for others, as well as, for you.
  5. Consider those you’re in relationship with. Forgive. Don’t allow the sun to set on your anger. Repair broken relationships. When you forgive, you open the endless possibilities for your prayers to be answered.
  6. Ask for wisdom that you don’t put yourself in situations to compromise your relationship with God.
  7. Worship again; give thanks, with confidence, that your prayers will be answered, giving God all the glory.


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One thought on “Not Sure How To Pray? Simple Guidelines For Prayer

  1. 8. Listen to hear the still, small voice!
    “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening”
    thank you for your words!

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