Simplify Life

In our culture, things shift, develop, change & move so quickly that it creates a “never satisfied/gotta catch-up” mentality. This is detrimental to your health, development, relationships, purpose and success. You never gain the ability to take what you currently have, sharpen it and focus on doing something positive, productive and with purpose. My word of advice for you: STOP. Simplify life! Cut out what’s not needed and fruitful for your growth, development and purpose; the rest is a silent distraction.

Understand this: God set Adam & Eve on the earth, naked; with nothing in their hand and commanded them to rule and have dominion over all of their environment. I think it’s time for us to get naked again! No, not quitting your job and streaking your office….but taking off so much of the excess laundry of life that is beginning to stink because it’s piling up. You’ll find that it’s easier to focus, easier to grow and easier to be more effective. It’s time to sit back and reflect on using what we need rather than using what we want. Our wants tend to create a bigger laundry pile than our needs…..if you don’t believe me take a look in your closet and count the number of clothes and shoes that still have tags!

The Bible teaches us that its not favorable in the eyes of God to be a glutton. Let me stretch your thinking on gluttony. Move past only relating it to eating and drinking and realize the crime behind is, is not partaking in food and drink, it’s taking in an excess of food and drink. God already had this thing figured out for us! Use what you need; simplify life!

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