Turning Bad Habits Into Excellent Habits

Just a short note. Turning bad habits into excellent habits can happen much faster than you think.  Bad habits do not equal bad people, bad habits only equal bad choices that are made consistently over a period of time, creating a cycle of belief that you can’t escape the bad habits, which creates a negative reinforcement for you to continue to make the bad choices that created the habits! Did you catch all of that?

Great people with great abilities, purpose and intentions, can still make bad choices. The deception in the habit is that it gives the illusion that you’ve done them so long and so often, that it’s really who you are and there is no escaping that. Very wrong! While our choices do tend to shape our character image in the eyes of others and even ourself, it is God that determines who we are and even in our broken and crazy lives, He still had a plan of turning things around; redemption!

If your soul can have redemption, then your choices can have redemption. While the choices that you made yesterday, made need some cleaning up today, they do not have to determine the choices you make today, today’s decisions are brand new! What manual told you that just because you drove this route yesterday, you have to go the same route today? Not the case. At some point you’re going to come to a fork in that route that requires you to make a choice. You may have turned left yesterday, but today, right may be the best option. Beginning to make excellent choices today, takes the same amount of energy that making bad choices yesterday took…..with a lot less cleanup! Life’s always better when there’s less cleanup!

I’m confident that your next decision will be excellent!


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