Measures of Success

To the pastor, success is often how many people attended on Sunday; to a businessman/woman it’s often how much profit margin was generated during the fiscal year; to a contractor it may be how many buildings or houses you’ve built; to a restaurant owner it’s how many franchises you’ve owned or sold; to a teenager it’s how popular you are and what others think and to a social media guru it’s how many followers you have or how many are on your friend list. But regardless of how our culture has shaped our image of success, there’s really only 3 measures that count.

  1. Have I committed myself to understanding and engaging the precepts and plans of God, the Father, my Lord, your Lord, the Lord?
  2. If I have a spouse and children; at the end of each day, have I served my family with love, honor and leadership worth following? (since this is your first and most important ministry and service)
  3. How many lives have I changed through the impact I’ve made, by serving and blessing people with a heart of mercy and compassion and an attitude of peace and humility.

Lord, let us remember that it’s not about how many have heard us speak or preach, how many have bought our product or eaten our food; how many that follow us, or the number of people in our “circle”; the number that have bought our book/cd or the many on our portfolio or resume, but how many we’ve sat at a well with and encouraged, or how many we’ve stooped to wash their feet; the number we’ve dropped down to pick up when everyone else is laughing, cursing and clutching their rocks; how many children we gather in our arms or the number of tears we wipe away; the many who are blind, but the light we shine has given hope and vision or the number of those we run to, that so many others run from.  Jesus, the measure of my success is you. Amen

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