I Know You Want To, But Don’t Quit!

I feel like somebody, other than myself, needs this…

Whatever you’re pursuing, needing, believing for, promised….keep pressing. I believe, in my spirit, that the enemy is in a season of the “quit” attack. He wants you to quit, give up and lose hope.  I don’t know what it is you may need or what you have been pressing for or praying for, you may need a financial miracle, healing, a place to live, a restored relationship, a job breakthrough, salvation for a loved one, anything …..and I don’t know how long it may take, it may be tomorrow or a year, but DONT QUIT!  What you need is just around the corner, but you can’t quit!

I, too, need some mighty miracles in my life and some of those things I’ve been fighting and believing for, for a couple of years now, but I believe we’re in that midnight hour, when it’s toughest to continue to fight because you’re tired, it’s dark, it’s lonely, there’s no sounds being made, nothing seems to be happening and it’s that very place where quitting seems to fit the best. Just hold on! Dig deep to find one more shout, one more ounce of faith because there’s a new day dawning! Your sunlight is only a minute away.  Don’t let the enemy convince you to quit.  I know it’s hard and I know the attacks are getting old, the temptation to fold is getting to be too much to bear and you don’t feel like you can handle another phone call of  bad news, another bill, or even another day of seemingly unanswered prayers, but I feel it in my spirit to tell you, PLEASE don’t quit…your victory is only moments away.  The enemy may not have your soul, but if he can get you to quit, he’s won. He’s stopped you short of destiny.

Find comfort in Paul and Silas.  They were shackled, chained, beaten, naked, incarcerated in the lowest of cells, awaiting judgement.  The very definition of hopelessness, loneliness, brokenness and abandonment…..but at midnight, they found a shout! A reason to keep going.  When all hell was coming against them, with every ounce of “want to” that was left in them, they created a window for tomorrow because they buried the enemy with hope, desire, persistence and faith.  And as they held on just a little bit longer, the earth grumbled and the shackles and chains were made to let them go. 

In this dark hour that you are facing, if you won’t give up, God will stop at nothing to break you free.  If He has to shake the earth and cause it to spit out your answers, your solutions, your breakthrough, He won’t do anything less.

In the name of Jesus, keep going!


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