Make This Your Confession!

Mark 16:17 – The Signature of God – “I confess that signs and wonders follow me!  I am intensely hungry to see the miraculous, and I am constantly believing for it to be in manifestation.  Since everything in the Kingdom of God is activated by faith, I release my faith right now for supernatural signs to be manifested in my life!  I am among those who are constantly believing for the miraculous to happen. When I preach the Gospel, I expect signs and wonders to follow that authenticate the message and supernaturally meet the needs of those who are listening to me!  I declare this by faith, in Jesus name!

Make natural the supernatural; expect the unexpected; believe for those who do not yet believe, so that through you the signature stamped upon you in the writing of signs and wonders will compel them to believe.  The voice of the Body of Christ has to again, begin to mean something. Our voice must be followed by power.  In the Kingdom, sound always precedes manifestation! Don’t let the enemy talk you out of your power by sowing an ounce of doubt.  Expect what you speak!


One thought on “Make This Your Confession!

  1. Heather says:

    Awesome! So true!

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