Are You Not Tired of the Attack?

There has never in my lifetime been more of a time that we need God.  Bodies are being ravaged by attack & disease; homes & lives destroyed by an angry earth; economical destruction that’s leaving families without homes and refrigerators and cupboards without food.  I’m sick of it!  The Kingdom doesn’t live this way! Whether you have realized it yet or not, doesn’t change the fact that we desperately need His mercy and His power!  It’s time to turn our occasional acquaintance into a passionate pursuit of God; our wishful prayers must transform into prayers of bold belief!  In order for us to see “breakthrough” we must, by Kingdom force, “break” a demonic cycle!

You may be ok with where you’re at today.  Things may be well in your life, but I’m ready to see disease die because it cannot overcome the anointing and power that covers a body, under the grace of Jehovah Rapha (The Lord that heals).  I’m ready to see Momma’s and Daddy’s with a roof over their heads, blessing their children, having an abundance in the pantry, gas in their cars all in the face of global economic destruction, because of the unexplained favor of Jehovah Jireh (The Lord that provides)!  I’m ready to hear of stories where it seems earthly destruction is imminent because of the expulsions of the land; tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, attack, etc, but not one board moves from your house or your business because of the power of Jehovah Shalom (The Lord is peace) that’s holding it together.  I don’t need to explain it to experience it, but I’m ready!

If you’re reading this today and you have a need in your life or healing in your body, I pray the power of Jesus to overcome that which is seeming to overwhelm and destroy you.  I believe the best news of your life is only a moment a way.  I believe your greatest days of living are in front of you.  Christ’s blood wasn’t shed in vain, but for exactly this moment in your life!  As I agree with you speak, with belief, healing over yourself; provision for yourself; favor for yourself! I love you. God loves you! I want to see God do major miracles in your life. I want to rejoice with you in those miracles.

Don’t wait for the walls to fall for your shout! Shout for your walls to fall!

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One thought on “Are You Not Tired of the Attack?

  1. Brenda Smith says:

    This is awesome! Love you so much! I’m shouting for my walls to fall!

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