A Quick Thought on Matt. 28:19…

Have you really read Matt. 28:19? Let me challenge your thinking for a minute…… This passage says, “Go therefore, and make disciples….teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you…”

Notice he didn’t say “go and make believers”…he said “go and make disciples…”  What if we did exactly what he commanded? Leaders, pastors…I’m challenging you!  What if we put as much emphasis on making disciples as we do believers?  Now I know some of you religious folk think I’ve lost my mind and you’re ready to give me hell, fire and brimstone for challenging the “make believers” mentality, but I want to question your mentality.  I’m not taking anything away from reaching lost souls, as a matter of fact that is a huge goal, but I am challenging your mentality for getting there.  Are you really Kingdom minded?  Let me show you why…

The concept of just making “believers” does two things: 1. It makes you a poor steward of what you’ve been given (think parable of the talents)… 2. It creates a vicious cycle of constant repentance/salvation.

Let me address the latter, first.  If we focus only on making “believers” we’re producing citizens of the Kingdom, but not productive, law-abiding citizens of the Kingdom.  If we spend time only making “believers” what do we do after we convert the “believer?”  At the rate we tend to go, absolutely nothing.  We move them to point A and that’s where they stay, in a constant cycle of touching point A.  If we make “believers” rather than making “disciples”, as we were commanded, we get them into the Kingdom, but do not teach them how to live in the Kingdom.  God’s passion was for us to reproduce His culture.  If we make “disciples”, then we teach them how to live the life, how to follow Christ, how to be inheritors of the throne and they move past point A down to B, C and so on. But never making them disciples leaves them in a cycle of A all over again, because they continue to make the same mistakes, face the same issues, deal with the same problems and continue to go down the same path.  Our job is to move them out of the mouse wheel & onto a straight path.

Going back to number one, when Christ told the parable of the talents, the idea was investing for multiplication, the two that did were rewarded and so was the master, the one that kept what he had, was reprimanded and stripped of his blessings.  Kingdom mentality is multiplication.  A “believer” mindset creates addition, a “disciple” mindset creates multiplication.  I can win souls all day long and add souls to the Kingdom, but if I can make disciples, teach them the culture and operations of the Kingdom, then they can make disciples.  The parable of the talents show us those that valued what they had been given, invested it and multiplied the return for the master. 

If I’m really interested in the Kingdom, if I’m really interested in what Christ had to say and if I’m really interested in using what I’ve been given, I’ll take that, invest it in others and watch the return multiply.  I’m challenging you!  Winning souls is important, but it’s what you do with them after you win them that’s Kingdom.  Christ’s message was “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand..”, don’t quit preaching, teaching repentance…but make sure you follow it with Kingdom!

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