Learning To Say “No” Might Just Be Biblical

Many ministers, leaders and just service oriented people in general, often suffer from a disease called “I’ve Got To Help Everybody!”  If you’ve got this disease, keep reading……

We have this feeling that the world is going to stop, if we don’t get involved and help.  Let me remind you that the world does not revolve around you. It’s not going to fall apart, over-tilt on it’s axis or spin out of control.  I’m pretty sure that God’s got this without our help at all, yet He still chooses to make us a part of His plan.  Given that this life of yours is His plan, you must be wise about the choices you make in offering your time, gifts and services.  Some people are like leeches and have a black hole relationship with you.  If you’re not careful they will suck you dry of every bit of time, resource and talent that you have.  Hear this: if you do not value your time & resources, nobody else will.  God did not just give us this life, but He also requires us to be good stewards of all involved with it.

Check out Mark 1:32-29: Two things stand out with the decisions that Christ made in this passage, related to his time, his priorities and his ability to say “no.”  After spending time at Peter’s mother-in-law’s house, healing & teaching, the Bible teaches us that the “whole city” was gathered to see him at the door.  In the next few verses we find something very interesting about how Christ valued His time.  Verse 35, teaches us that He arose early to get with the Father.  He realized the importance in, not making decisions based on emotions, not making his choices based on demand, not being affected by his popularity & pride, but He arose early to find out what the Father wanted; where the Father was working & where He was needed most.  The following verses are interesting. After arising from time with the Father, rather than continuing to tend to the needs of “everyone that was looking for him”, he valued his time, God’s time, God’s moving and his resources enough to tell them, no, I can’t help you right now. 

Mind boggling, right?  Jesus Christ, the one we’ve been taught is the ultimate helper, told those seeking help, “no!”  Can you believe the audacity? Here’s the congregation, needing their preacher; here’s the sick needing their doctor and He tells them no!  Verse 38 says “BUT, he said to them, Let us go…”, leave, bye, talk to the hand! Lol

Christ teaches us many things in this short passage.  We need to value our relationship with God, our quiet time with Him, our time, our giftings and most importantly, the greatest & most effective place we can ever be, is where God is and where he’s moving.  It’s important to take those moments when everyone is tugging on you and at you, to find out from God, “Am I positioned where I need to be?”  And then make the necessary adjustments to get there, regardless of who or what is in your path or how many people “need” you.  Your provision, your anointing and your greatest opportunities are waiting for you, at your proper position. 

If you find yourself overused, overextended and stretched, take time to reevaluate your life. Remember to value your time, your gifts, your resources and most importantly where God’s moving.  That’s where you’ll find your greatest peace, joy and effectiveness.

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