5 Quick Points in Humility To Challenge Today’s Leader

5 Points in Humility For Leaders

Day 1 in Humility: Great leaders know their talents come from God; this makes it easier for others to follow. When you boast your abilities, you hinder your ability to lead! God will favor & elevate you out of humility. What you may be trying to gain out of your boasting, is really your loss!

Jn 3:30 – Day 2 in Humility: You will not operate in your purpose until you decrease in your prominence. You were built to reflect His image not yours.

Rom. 12:3 – Day 3 in Humility: Man may elevate you out of your arrogance, but it has no firm foundation. As quickly as your arrogance may elevate you, it can also destroy you. What God promotes, nothing can destroy. Yet God elevates out of humility. Man doesn’t determine your success, God does. Man doesn’t dictate your miracles, God does; man can’t create the opportunities that God can; and man cannot provide you the favor that God will. “…As God has dealt to each man a measure…” – Your measure can be determined by your humility….he that is last shall be made first. Go!

Ex. 33:12-18 – Day 4 of Humility – Insecure leaders boast their strengths to hide their weaknesses…yet weak people, reach people. Your weaknesses get you out of the way so that God can enter in. Don’t be too proud to be transparent, you’ll reach people where they’re at!

Phil. 2:8 – Day 5 of Humility – Great leaders will humble themselves to reach people where they are, in order to carry them where you want to go…

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